Clive Gibson Physical Training Instructor ex commando - Boxer and all-round sportsman.
Step up business after leaving the Army some 32 years ago and still going strong.
CGPTI was set up for the benefit of all abilities.
Have a look and see if it can help you in one of our programs:
You can Combat Fears – Doubts -Confidence – Self-esteem- Weight Gain – Weight Loss – build Strength- Core – Speed and any other physical – Mental attribute you wish to develop

  • Professional Program

    This Program Takes you on a journey to an exceptional level of Mind set

    3 x weekly £180


    3 x 4 weeks £600

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    • Endurance (not giving up)
    • Great Core (feel the power within)
    • Stronger (ability to look for the more difficult)
    • Speed (build through the art of relaxation)
    • Eating (have a better understanding what we should eat during training program)

  • Structured Technique

    This Program Takes you to a personal level of self-Discipline

    3 x weekly £180


    3 x 4 weeks £600

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    • Building Muscles (the correct muscle for the related exercise)
    • Posture (stronger muscle groups)
    • Core (automatically developed through technique

  • Starter Level 6

    This Program Takes you to a basic level of understanding Fitness

    3 x weekly £180


    3 x 4 weeks £600

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    • Muscle (every muscle group covered)
    • Techniques (to correctly develop)
    • Build (away forward to a better you)

  • 8 – Weeks Fat Loss Program

    This Program takes you to a personal level of Weight loss

    2 x weekly £140


    2 x 4 weeks £500

    • Weight loss (eating plans put in place)
    • Program (structured around you as a person)
    • Tone up (tighten up in all areas)
    • Lose fat and tone up, become lean, conditioned, increase stamina and build confidence.
    Includes: Weight monitoring
    • Body fat
    • BMI measurements.

    Week 1 – weigh in, dietary advice.
    Week 4 – weigh in, check any problems.
    Week 8 – Weigh in. be delighted with your efforts

    • Continued calorie intake/output support
    • Help, advice and motivation. On e-mail support
    • 2 sessions a week for 8 weeks (Fat burning exercise that work)
    Lose fat and tone up, become lean, conditioned, increase stamina and build confidence.

  • New Group training Classes

    This Program takes you to a superior level of Team Building Fitness

    Set up for group of up to 10 people x 2 sessions

    Outdoor – Hills/Stairs workout £700
    Indoor – bags/mat/bars/floor £700
    Why o why – Bootcamp beastie £800
    All structured around military buddy team building.

  • H.I.T. 30

    This Program 30 minute takes you to a level of Pure cardio

    2 x weekly £20


    2 x 4 weeks £40

    • Best bag burner ever produced.
    • Burn – hurt – build – torture yourself into a better you.

  • Core 30

    This Program 30 minute takes you to a level of perfect movement

    2 x weekly £20


    2 x 4 weeks £70

    • All core focussed
    • Everything becomes easier and better with a stronger core. Confidence - posture – motivation


Every muscle group covered: Head, neck, shoulders, chest, back, waist, hips, gluts, thighs, knees, shin, calfs, heals and toes Techniques to correctly develop each and every possible range of movement through the course of exercising


Using correct technique on all muscle groups with a full range of movement will build your core strength.


Weight loss is designed around you on a personal scale. Eating plans put in place to fit around your exercise and work/home lifestyle
Tone up using a good technique, full range of movement and good posture
Weight monitoring
Body Fat – BMI measurements



Mental fitness is the key to never quiting. Building endurance through mental skills; training the mind on pushing through pain, fatigue and illness – training to perfection

Great Core

Strength is an important predicter of survival. Building strength through bodyweight exercises helps with stamina and endurance and better nutrition
is developed with relaxation to help oxygenation to the blood cells, building plasma and hormones during and after exercises
the correct balance of protein, fats and carbs in any diet will increase performance, taking into account your body’s calorie burn

Structured Technique

Selectively strengthening single or small groups of muscles will develop the body and mind in the correct full range of movement


It all starts with growth of the body. Building a good working positive and good core. In practice, posture is completed by the selection of coordinated motion patterns


With good posture and pelvic floor is correctly positioned core muscles will engage with technique