CGPTI our second gymnasium following the F.I.T Club that was founded in 1990 by ex-commando Clive Gibson. Clive wanted to combine the knowledge he gained as a military physical training instructor and boxing coach to create a totally unique fitness concept.

 Originally set up as a way for Clive and his staff at the Cooperage Public House to keep fit, F.I.T. Club quickly grew to include members from all walks of life. Early training sessions were conducted on the top dance floor of the Cooperage during closed hours.

​‘Having to improvise and adapt to the unconventional surroundings of the gym was what made the training so exciting and fun’.

​F.I.T. ClubI was quick to outgrow its dance floor gymnasium and moved to its current premises at 10 High Bridge Street in June 1999 where a unique and customised gym experience is now what awaits any new recruits willing to take up the challenge!

 The training has changed little over the years, however our new CGPTI gymnasium is constantly evolving and developing new ways to get people fit and have fun. This enthusiastic approach has lead to expansion into the following areas:

CGPTI BOXING EVENTS – Charity boxing events 
PERSONAL TRAINING – Bespoke fitness solutions
OUTDOOR FITNESS – Beach – Hills – Stairs – Team work
FITNESS ASSESSMENTS – Builds a platform to work from and build in your fitness that’s required
COMMANDO BOX – Best all-round fitness all boxing related fitness
CORPORATE FITNESS – Programmes to meet your needs
FC Apparel – Boxing & Fitness Equipment


About US

We are excited to have you join us on your fitness journey

I am Summer from the CGPTI, an original Newcastle-based fitness provider and boxing gym. We have delivered high-quality military style fitness classes and boxing training for over 30 years. We are aware of your credibility and prestige in the industry, and that the health and wellbeing of employees are essential to your company. Therefore, we would like to cordially propose a business partnership with your company.



Welcome to the home of Commando Box. The original military-boxing workout that takes your fitness to the next level! What are you waiting for? Become the best version of yourself.

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  • Not only is our training fast but so are the results. Hit as little as 3 classes per week and you'll start to notice the results in no time.

  • Our classes can be intensive but so is our dedication to helping you achieve your goals.  Signing up is just the beginning!

  • We've combined Military & Boxing fitness training techniques to offer the best of both. Get the speed & strength of a Boxer with the staminer & determination of a Commando.

We encourage eveyone from all backgrounds, ages and fitness levels to join in and get active. We're all about getting fit together and your fellow CGPTI clubbers will be there with you at every class helping you reach every goal.


Our Member Was Happy & Get Enjoy






Expert Personal Training & Coaching

Clive Gibson, physical training instructor and ex Commando is also an ex-boxer of 62 bouts, taking 3 championships at 3 different weight categories: bantam, feather and light. Clive has taken his experiences to bring the concept of CommadoBox, which combines the stamina of a Commando and fitness of a boxer.
The concept all started back in 1984 when Clive left HM Forces to set up his gymnasium to keep fit for him and his staff upstairs in the Cooperage Public House; this quickly grew to include people from all walks of life. Due to the popularity of the training, Clive outgrew the Cooperage and then set up the first CGPTI in High Bridge Street in 1999 followed by CG PTI in 2021.