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What can I expect?

This is fitness Commando Box Style! We've combined military and boxing fitness techniques to offer one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to get fit. Blast through 18 punch bags, 70+ upper, core and lower body exercises in this short, sharp, concentrated fitness blast. Bend, squat, twist, pull, push and lunge your way to blitzing up to 600 calories. Your metabolism scales new heights in a quick fire, heart-pumping, fat-burning routine. You do what you can manage with our instructors encouragement. You don't have to be super fit to do COMMANDO BOX, but this doesn’t mean you can take it easy. COMMANDO BOX classes are adaptable, so whatever your current fitness level or exercise experience, you can benefit greatly. It’s hard work, but it’s fun. And it’s very, very effective.

What should I bring to the class?

Just You! We have everything at CGPTI you will need for your first class. However if you have your own boxing gloves and handwraps feel free to bring them along.

Do you have changing facilities & showers?

Yes. We have both male and female changing rooms with hot showers.

Do I have to know how to box?

No. The punchbags used in Commando Box are simply a way of getting you moving and raising your heart rate, so don't worry about your technique. Our instructors and existing members will also be on hand to help you through and show you what to do.

Do I need a membership?

No. All of our classes can be purchased individualy so you pay as you go. However if you decide to join 2+ classes per week it will be cost effective to take out one of our memberships.

How do I join a class?

Simply click Here and contact for a class.

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Can I watch my child do the class?

There is a monitor in reception which you can watch your child

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No. We have all the equiment needed for kids to carry out their first class. We do also have boxing gloves and handwaps for sale if you would prefer your own.

Do I need to come with my child to every class?

No. If you feel your child is old enough and you would like them to attend the class by themselves then that is fine. All we ask is that you attend with them to the first class to fill out their health questionaire and details form.

Can I come and view the gym before booking a class?

Yes. Simply contact us and we will let you know the best time to come down for a sneak peak at what we do

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Can you tailor a specific package around my group/ team, firm?

Yes we can. We run events for companies all across the North East from a range of different sectors., providing a professional corporate feel for your team/ workforce. We combine our expertise together with your groups goals to bring you an event you will always remember.

What is the minimum/ maximum size you allow for group/ team event days?

We can create events/ classes from 5 to 50 people depending on the location you choose. We will work with you to bring you a thoroughly unique experience which ever location you choose. Ultimately we will deliver an event specifically structured to achieve your goals/ objectives.

How do I book a corporate event / class?

To find out more and discuss our event packages please contact us

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What will I be doing during the class?

In a typical class our ABA qualified instructors will take you through stance, punching, movement and defensive techniques to help improve your skill level. You then find a partner and begin developing those techniques further in a slow and controlled manner. Sparring usually comes towards the end of the class, where you will step through the ropes and try out the skills you have developed.

Do I have to do sparring?

No. Sparring is completely optional and usually happens towards the end of the class to accommodate those who just wish to learn the techniques of boxing without getting in the boxing ring.

Will I get hurt?

Very unlikely. If you decide to take part in sparring it is very unlikely you will end up with more than a bloody nose at worst. All sparring is supervised by our ABA qualified coaches with a strict focus on developing skills and learning control. Sparring is only ever practiced at 30-70% speed/power unless building up to competition.

Can I join if I have never boxed before?

Yes. Our classes are designed to accommodate mixed skill levels. Our more experienced boxers often help newer members develop their skills.

What kit do i need?

We provide sparring gloves and head guards for use during the class. You will need your own mouth guard which you can purchase from reception. We also sell sparring gloves and head guards if you prefer to have your own.

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Do I need a membership?

No. All of our classes can be purchased individualy so you pay as you go. However if you decide to join 2+ classes per week it will be cost effective to take out one of our memberships.

How do I buy a membership?

You can purchase selected memberships online here. Some of our memberships require proof of entitlement and so can only be purchased in-store.

How will I be billed for my membership?

Your membership is auto renewal and will be billed on the same date each month.

How are my payment details stored/processed?

Your payment details are stored on our Mindbody system for future processing. Mindbody and CGPTI are fully PCI complient. Your card details are encrypted and can not be viewed by any member of staff once entered on to the system.

Am I tied to a contract?

No. We do not tie you into a lengthy contract. Memberships run on a month by month basis and last for as long as you want them to. You can cancel your membership at any time by going here.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime here. Once canceled your membership will run until it's current expiry date. Memberships can not be part refunded or exchanged for other services when canceled before their expiry. full T&C's can be found here

Can I pause or suspend my membership?

unfortunately you cannot pause or suspend your membership but you can cancel at any time giving X amount of notice.  Once you’re ready to re-join simply click here

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I'm not super fit, is it for me?"

Yes. First, we conduct a health and fitness assessment - maybe you want to look good for a holiday, family occasion, lose baby weight or get active again. Perhaps you're recovering from an injury. Our experts tailor a training plan unique to you.

How much does it cost?

We have lots of options. A single one hour session costs as little as £40. Or you can chose to save even more with packs of 5 or 10 one hour sessions. Complete more than one session per week and we'll give you an even bigger discount! Pay in full or by credit/debit card autopay each month, whatever works for you.

How qualified are your Personal Trainers?

Each PT is a fully qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer and has received up to 80 hours Commando Box training in their first 3 months. Our PTs also receive on-going training as part of their CGPTI career journey.

Is Personal Training just about exercise?

No. We take a holistic view and consider everything, from what you eat to how much you sleep. We give nutrition advice, ways to keep focused on your goals and how to stay motivated when life gets in the way.

How will Personal Training help me workout?

Scheduling exercise keeps you on track. We’ll show you the best military & boxing fitness techniques to make the most of your workouts. We also inject fun into fitness, so you’ll enjoy working out even more.

How do I try Personal Training?

Wait no longer. It’s so easy to get started. Simply click here and fill out the online form. One of our personal trainers will contact you to organise your free consultation.

What's included in my free consultation?

Your free consultation is typically carried out over the phone by one of our Personal Trainers. The aim is to find out your requirements and goals to see how we can help.

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Do you have showers?

Yes, we have male and female changing rooms with showers.

Do you have parking?

Public parking is available near our gym at the following locations:

High Bridge Square
Heywoods Court
Grey Street
Mannors Multi-storey

Parking is free in Newcastle after 6pm otherwise normal parking charges apply.

Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have wifi available for customers.

Do you have food and drinks available?

Yes, we have a selection of cold bottled drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have a small number of lockers available to hire and store your valubles.

Do you have a Boxing Ring?

Yes, we have a 12 ft boxing ring available to use during our Boxing Classes.