• Brendan Larkin

    A friend I trained with recommended CGPTI, saying it was "unlike" other training sessions "great workout" and "never the same thing twice", I was skeptical but had my eyes opened, you may think your fit until you try one of the Sunday morning Assault Course events!

  • Martin Gudgeon

    All I can say is this CGPTI experience is definitely worth trying, it covers so many areas in the fitness regime, also a great laugh, meet fantastic people & is a great confidence builder because after a CGPTI sesh, you feel on top of the world. Great, fab, a must do, run by really down to earth genuine nice people, who have your interests at heart, Try It!

  • Kathernine Hilton

    I can honestly say CGPTI has never bored me, has worked me harder than any other exercise or sport I have done and yet has always been fun. One of the best things about CGPTI is the extra activities, from the sponsored 24 hour boxathon in aid of Help for Heroes, haunted castle trip, Christmas parties and of course the outside training.

  • Keith Graham

    CGPTI has given me the confidence and self esteem to believe in myself. Its hard work but its fun and keeps me fit as well. The camaraderie and social events makes this club unique in Newcastle and possibly the country.

  • Norman Bailey

    After joining CGPTI my confidence in what I was capable of achieving was transformed. I found that I could push myself much further than I ever thought possible even after a heart attack. CGPTI does exactly what it says on the tin, it gets you fit and pushes you to your limit. I have made many good friends while at CGPTI and would take out a life time membership, if they would let me!

  • Felicity Mackay

    I used to go to a normal gym but never really enjoyed going, I only went because it was working. I hated all the machines and atmosphere and so never stayed very long. I now love to train and have a good time whilst training really hard. My body shape has totally changed since I started training at the club and now I love running and especially up hill and that's all thanks to CGPTI.