Clive Gibson is a Physical Training Instructor and ex-British Army Commando. He is also an ex-boxer of 62 bouts, winning 3 championships in bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight.

Using his boxing and military experience, Clive developed the concept of Commado Box, combining the endurance and stamina of an elite commando soldier with the physical fitness of a boxer.

The concept all started back in 1984 when Clive left the Army and set up a small, personal gym on the Newcastle upon Tyne Quayside so he and his military buddies could keep fit and stay active.

As word spread about the uniqueness and effectiveness of Clive's fitness programmes, people from all walks of life became interested, which led him to start his first gym business on Newcastle's High Bridge Street in 1999.


Our Fitness Programmes

Organised to get the best out of everyone regardless of level or experience, our CommandoBox programmes cover both mental and physical fitness. All you need to do is pick a program that suites you, your colleagues, and your budget.

CGPTI is constantly evolving and developing new ways to get people fit whilst maximising enjoyment. Our enthusiastic and fun approach has led to expansion into the following areas:

Personal Training

Believe and achieve!

If you've decided you need to lose weight, gain weight, change your body shape, fire up your workouts or just get fit to feel great, then our CGPTI personal training sessions are for you.

We're not saying it's going to be easy, but what we can promise you is that you'll have a lot of fun, AND FEEL GREAT AFTERWARDS!

Something for everyone

Regardless of your shape, size or level of fitness, WE HAVE A CLASS FOR YOU! All our classes are designed with beginners in mind, making our classes fully adaptable for all abilities.

Fitness Classes

Training Events

Get wet and Wild

Join our BEACH BEASTER events, full of fast paced fun and challenging military style workouts designed to push you past your limits. Prepare to get very wet and covered in sand!

Or you can take part in our MASTER CLASS events, where you'll experience old school military fitness routines including all our toughest exercises crammed into one 60-minute body blaster! Expect to be pushed to your limits and beyond in this no holds barred master class.

Team challenges like no other

CGPTI offer a great way to get out of the office and bring your team together. Take part in corporate fitness challenges LIKE NO OTHER with an investment in both your employees’ health and your company’s future, ensuring both are healthy, happy, and balanced.

Corporate Training